Friday, January 22, 2021


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Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Forms to the Flow, to the List, to the Team and Yammer using conditions and approvals

This blog is part of a series on Teams. For more articles, check back often Written: 20/01/2021 | Updated: N/A I had a lot of fun...

How to set up and use Task Publishing in Teams

Task Publishing was recently made available in Microsoft Teams. The general info about Task Publishing can be found in here. In this article...

How to: adding a Microsoft Whiteboard to a team channel as a tab

Microsoft Whiteboard is a great tool in the Microsoft 365 belt: allowing innovative & visual planning while keeping the data inside the tenant. And...

Announcing #WPNinjasNL Tuesdays Webinar #1, January 19, 2021 featuring Adnan Hendricks

For Today, January 19th we are proud to announce that our own Adnan Hendricks, Microsoft Azure MVP will host a session about: Azure AD...

Bi-weekly Azure Summary – Part 74

This bi-weekly update is a summary of trending Azure topics on social media, as well as other interesting content available on the internet. Below, you...


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