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For over 2 decades I’ve been learning, thinking and preaching about information, information management, the employee experience and knowledge. What use is this to an employee or an organisation. Why do we do what we do? How will we make this knowledge available to our organisation. By the way is this knowledge or just data?

Information & Content management


Do we have the proper tools installed and configured to manage the rules of engagement in other words: Governance. How can we monitor these governance rules and take action where necessary?


Are we compliant? In other words, do we comply with legislation? And how are we going to monitor and adjust that?



If so, how do we make sure the organisation understands why we do it all? Do we have our adoption strategy in order?

Microsoft Adoption Strategy

Content Management

When we, or I, think about these things we mustn’t forget about content management. Where, why and how is content created. How is content used and where is this data stored? Can it be used in a modern way?


How do we make sure is all this information just a click of the mouse button away? Then another big topic comes to mind: migration! Making all these dreaded file shares available in the (Microsoft Office) cloud and ready for modern collaboration. Or consolidating multiple tenants to one tenant for seamless collaboration.

AvePoint Fly

Modern Collaboration Architecture

In other words there a gazillion question with even more answers. Microsoft has created an awesome reference architecture about this. The Modern Collaboration Architecure, in short: MOCA

Microsoft – Modern Collaboration Architecture

What’s next?

I have decided to put these pounderings in writing and decided to post blogs about these topics for the next couple of months!

You can expect blogs about:

  • Employee Experience Platform
  • Knowledge Management
  • Microsoft VIVA Topics
  • Microsoft VIVA Syntex
Sander Derix
I want to know what drives you as a business, what your goals are, what capabilities you need so I can design and help realize solutions that are both realistic and manageable. In short getting you to the next level. I do this partly by the use of technology. I mainly focus on the services of Microsoft 365.

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