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Living in a smallish village with only one pub means a friendly community spirit and often talking to strangers. One such stranger was my neighbour Dan Addy. Who, as we discovered after several pub conversations worked in very similar roles to me, at a similar level. We also learned that although I look older, Dan is in fact much much older than me! 🙂

Anyway, after several more beer fuelled, geeky brainstorming sessions about the meaning of life, the universe and everything, we settled on a problem and current gap in the market left and inspired by Mr Chris Webb (@cwebb_bi), relating to training. But not just any training. What I prefer to think so as ‘knowledge transfer sessions‘. Better than training because they are delivered by people working in the industry that aren’t trainers as part of their day job, but share their experiences with the community and wider industry professionals. Fortunately, this special group of people already has a name, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.

Industry leading experts in their respective fields that have walked the walked and can now talk the talk for delegates in a training (style) environment. Not a new idea I accept. Just a gap and as an MVP myself one that I feel is most valuable 🙂 compared to what the “normal” training providers offer.

To re-iterate, training from MVP’s is so much more than simple digested theory. Its knowledge from the field, from the trenches, from the front line. MVP’s have lived it and can offer practical insight into what, why and how. Hence, knowledge transfer sessions, not just training.

Company Launch

Given the above, I am proud to say that following some long weekends and unsociable evenings Dan and I have launched Cloud Formations Ltd, complete with an agenda of established expert speakers. With many more lined up, so stay tuned on social media etc.





Many thanks for reading

Paul Andrew
Group Manager & Analytics Architect specialising in big data solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Data engineering competencies include Azure Synapse Analytics, Data Factory, Data Lake, Databricks, Stream Analytics, Event Hub, IoT Hub, Functions, Automation, Logic Apps and of course the complete SQL Server business intelligence stack. Many years’ experience working within healthcare, retail and gaming verticals delivering analytics using industry leading methods and technical design patterns. STEM ambassador and very active member of the data platform community delivering training and technical sessions at conferences both nationally and internationally. Father, husband, swimmer, cyclist, runner, blood donor, geek, Lego and Star Wars fan!

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