From Tuesday August 31 till Thursday September 2, the 2nd edition of the Workplace Ninja Virtual Edition will take place. The event will be hosted via Microsoft Teams on the msftcommunity platform and there will be 80+ sessions in total covering different topics related to management of endpoints with configuration manager and Intune, as well virtual desktops and the complete security stack of Microsoft. The event is driven by the Workplace Ninja Switzerland User Group with the help from some community heroes from the rest of Europe.

Workplace Ninja Virtual Edition 2021 flyer

The first session will start at Tuesday August 31 at 13:00 CEST (see this link to find out what time this will be in your time zone), for each timeslot of 45 minutes there will be 4 breakout rooms with different sessions. On Tuesday at 8:00 PM there will also be a Keynote.

You can register for this free event for free using Eventbrite, using this link: Workplace Ninja Virtual Edition 2021

It’s a huge honor to kick of the event, with my session titled: “Designing and building your Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune environment for Operations”. My session will start at 13:00 till 13:45 on August 31 and will be one the first sessions of the event. 

Session announcement

Abstract: In my work as a modern workplace consultant, I see a lot of Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune environments. Many of these environments have been build based on trial and therefore it lacks structure and overview. Most of the environments have been built from scratch, adding and removing functionality until a point was reached where the solution was taken into production.

A solution that works, doesn’t necessarily have to be a solution which is consistent and therefore easily manageable.

This session will help you to create a consistent MEM environment, by introducing consistency. You can only build such an environment if you know the pros and cons of the solution and the product. Kenneth will share his experiences with the audience using both slides and demos

I really hope to (virtually) meet you there.

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