Presented a session on WVD automation for the BEEMUG community!

This week, on October 13th, I presented a session on Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) automation for the BEEMUG community.

BEEMUG is a Belgium user group ran by Kenny Buntinx, Dieter Wijkmans and Maarten Bovee. You can visit their community site here:
My session was part of the WVD October series that they hosted. In my session I covered various ways to leverage automation for WVD. I covered REST API, PowerShell, ARM Templates and also touched on Project ‘Bicep’.
I had a great time presenting this! If you could not attend live, feel free to reach out via twitter / linked-in to get the deck and you can find all the demo’s source code & more here:
Freek Berson
Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) enthusiast / evangelist and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on RDS since 2011, working at Wortell and RDSGurus. Strong focus on Microsoft Azure.

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