Have you heard about this JSON thing but aren’t exactly sure what it is? 🤔 In this JSON intro for Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) people video I cover everything you need to know about JSON in under 20 minutes. You’ll learn what JSON it is, how it works, what it’s used for, what tools you need and see examples of how to use it! 😍

I’ll show some specific examples of use cases for the Microsoft 365 user including how to use JSON to customize your SharePoint/Microsoft Lists and how to use it to create and share Adaptive Cards via Power Automate. 😮

🔗 Links 🔗
✅ Adaptive Card Designer: https://adaptivecards.io/designer/
✅ SharePoint List Formatting Samples: https://github.com/pnp/sp-dev-list-formatting

Table of Contents
00:00 – Intro
00:40 – What is it?
01:15 – What is it used for?
02:32 – How does it work?
05:00 – Tools for working with JSON
06:27 – Fix JSON Mistakes with VSCode Extensions
08:20 – Working with Arrays
09:40 – Use JSON to style SharePoint Lists
15:05 – Use JSON to create Adaptive Cards
15:56 – Using the Adaptive Card Designer
18:20 – Post an Adaptive Card to a Teams Channel with Power Automate
20:26 – Outro

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