I am hosting Teams Spotlight Webinar tomorrow: Tuesday 18th at 9am CEST

Hello my dear readers! I am presenting my Microsoft Teams what’s new & upcoming webinar tomorrow. In this webinar I go through latest Microsoft Teams features and information and there are plenty of live demos in it. Since this is a Sulava (my employer) webinar I have also a few company slides in it and content is in Sulava’s theme, but those marketing slides are only a fraction of the two hours time I have available this time.

The reason I buff about this company webinar in my personal blog is that The Teams Spotlight webinar is free of cost to attend. Registration is required to get access.

I have loads of content that I will go through tomorrow starting with new webinars (& Teams meetings) and how you can do Virtual Events with Teams (you could say I have some experience about using Teams for Events), Shared Channels latest updates and of course I won’t miss Microsoft Viva in practice demos there. For more business side I have included content about using Teams for processes / workflows with Approval applications and eSigning. Hybrid worklife is the future we already live in so naturally I just had to put some content there about it as well. This two hours is packed with content.

It will be a fast paced two hours, so grab some coffee/tea, register in and enjoy the learning ride!

Vesa Nopanenhttps://myteamsday.com/
MVP for Office Apps & Services (Teams & Collaboration focus), Principal Consultant in Office 365 and Modern Work. Extremely passionate about Microsoft Teams's power to change how people work together. Helping and coaching customers to find benefits, solutions and value when adopting new tools, methods, ways or working and practices into daily work-life equation. I am always eager to challenge current situation and dig out new possibilities and ways to think and work. You could describe me as a jack of all trades but my main focus area and deep personal driver is Microsoft Teams since it has changed the way I work and did a giant step forward to make it possible to work from anywhere - the location does not matter even us much as it mattered before. Microsoft Teams opened the path for many organizations to rethink their practices, worklife, culture and start the change. That's why I am very passionate about Teams.

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