The Channel Calendar feature made it’s appearance to Microsoft Teams today in few of my tenants! This is a long-awaited feature indeed – the channel meetings won’t be lost anymore!
What this is: A Calendar app to channel meetings that have been scheduled in that team in that channel and to creating new ones
This is NOT : a team calendar showing all scheduled meetings in all channels in a team.

This can cause some confusion – despite it has been named as Channel Calendar. I like this one because it gives you a great view to all channel meetings. The channel-limit also makes sense if you think about those teams with 10+ channels that actively use channel meetings.

Guests can not see the calendar contents or create new meetings. They can open the tab but they will get an error despite the app description hinting that they might be able to view meetings. Guests see this:

Adding a Channel Calendar

It is just a Teams application. You can add with +-sign in your channel. If you don’t see it in the top list search for it.

You then add it give it a name normally

Since I don’t have any meeting scheduled to the channel yet the calendar shows empty. But I can use it to add new ones.

The meeting scheduling dialog is the normal one – channel has been preselected.

And then you can see the channel meeting in the calendar tab!
Now it is easy to see what meetings have been scheduled to a channel and to join them. This is especially useful when those meetings have not been added to your personal calendar.

When you add a meeting to channel it is also written to Posts tab as before.

I can add the Channel Calendar app to other channels as well – but as can be seen the Teams ❤ Coffee meeting doesn’t appear in other channels.

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