Want to get your hands dirty with Microsoft CNTK and deep learning? Packt is running a great deal on my book, you can now get it for just $10.

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What’s the book about?

Learn how to train popular deep learning architectures such as autoencoders, convolutional and recurrent neural networks while discovering how you can use deep learning models in your software applications with Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.

What will you learn?

  • Set up your deep learning environment for the Cognitive Toolkit on Windows and Linux
  • Pre-process and feed your data into neural networks
  • Use neural networks to make effcient predictions and recommendations
  • Train and deploy effcient neural networks such as CNN and RNN
  • Detect problems in your neural network using TensorBoard
  • Integrate Cognitive Toolkit with Azure ML Services for effective deep learning

Get it today

The deal runs until may 1st, so get the book now!

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