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Event Buddies – Connecting With Like Minded People In A big Data Community

Hey friends! 🙂

Something a little different for this blog post, inspired by an initiative from the organisers of SQLBits.

I think the best thing about our industry is the community. It’s a friendly community of like-minded professionals all wanting to network and socialise. Born out of a great willingness to share knowledge in a very collaborative way.

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That said, the community being so huge could be viewed as a negative factor for those just starting out and new to attending events. A conference hall of thousands can seem a little overwhelming when you don’t know anybody and starting conversations with random people in a time isolation could be difficult.

With this in mind, if you are feeling like this at any future event where I’m speaking, please PLEASE reach out to me. Connect/follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter, then message me privately so we can have a chat.

I would be more than happy to tell you about my experiences of the events and the great community spirit I’ve come to know and love. Referred by many as the #SQLFamily 🙂

If you don’t want to message me. That’s ok too. I’m very approachable. Honest! Find me at an event and talk to me, suggested conversation starters (in no particular order):

  • Peated, smokey Whiskey – my favourite is the Laphroaig Port Wood.
  • Young children, love them, but they are such hard work!
  • Star Wars, Lego and Lego Star Wars.
  • Electric cars, solar panels, and battery storage (espically Tesla things).
  • Strong Belgium beer.
  • Home networking, making Cat6 cables.
  • General DIY and home improvements.
  • As a last resort, anything relating to the Azure Data Platform!

Once again, please reach out to me.

I hope to see you at a future event.

All the best.

Paul Andrew
Group Manager & Analytics Architect specialising in big data solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Data engineering competencies include Azure Synapse Analytics, Data Factory, Data Lake, Databricks, Stream Analytics, Event Hub, IoT Hub, Functions, Automation, Logic Apps and of course the complete SQL Server business intelligence stack. Many years’ experience working within healthcare, retail and gaming verticals delivering analytics using industry leading methods and technical design patterns. STEM ambassador and very active member of the data platform community delivering training and technical sessions at conferences both nationally and internationally. Father, husband, swimmer, cyclist, runner, blood donor, geek, Lego and Star Wars fan!

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