Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Nested flows in Power Automate – Running child flows

It’s a common known business example: a flow that calls other flows to run after each other. This setup is also called nested flows...

Using manual SharePoint fill-in choice values in your PowerApp

If you’re using a SharePoint choice field you can set the ‘Allow fill-in choices‘ (or ‘Can add values manually‘ in modern) option to yes. This...

Announcing the first Community speakers for TeamsFest!

The Call for Speakers for our third TeamsFest event closes at midday on Friday 31st July. Under 5 days away. I can’t quite believe...

Org-wide teams and their purpose

If you start working with Microsoft Teams and you create your first teams, you will think about if you need a private team where...

Desk Booking & Reservation Power Apps Template


Providing insights into your Flow Approval history with PowerApps

With Microsoft Flow, you can easily send out Approvals with the Start an Approval action. After the approver has responded, you can do something...

Create SharePoint list items in a folder using Power Automate

Did you know you can create folders inside a SharePoint list (not a library)? And that you can then create items inside that folder?No?...

Passing parameters to your Power Apps SharePoint form

We all know that it is possible to pass parameters to your Power Apps canvas apps, right?But did you know that this is also...

How to share a Power App with an external user

Since October 2019, it is possible to share a Power App with an external user, but many people still aren’t aware of that or...

Microsoft Flow Round Robin Auto Assignment


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