Friday, May 14, 2021

I am speaking at CollabDays Lisbon 2020

I am excited to be speaking at CollabDays Lisbon 2020. Hereby my session details: Governance for Microsoft Teams: A to Z Thinking about Governance doesn’t get...

My day with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Yammer

If you plan to introduce new tools like Teams, SharePoint or Yammer in your company, you will face different challenges. Every new tool offers...

Office 365 Outlook Groups Connectors?

Een van de nieuwe functionaliteit die gelanceerd gaat worden binnen Office365 Groups zijn connectoren. Als je nog niet weet wat Groups zijn, dan kan je...

Microsoft Teams | SharePoint Permissions: 7 Things to consider

Recently I asked a question on social media regarding the #SharePoint “Edit” permissions assigned by default to #MicrosoftTeams Members and I stated that I...

MVP for another year!

I am happy to received the MVP award for the 7th time.

Teams: #FightCorona – How do I chat with others outside of my organisation?

This introductory blog series is intended for remote workers who have started using Teams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams will be an essential...

Azure / Office 365 – 2 wekelijks overzicht – deel 32

De ontwikkelingen rond Azure en Office 365 gaan snel. Er wordt veel over geschreven en er wordt veel gedeeld op social media. Het is haast niet meer bij te houden! Hieronder...

Improve your teamwork with a collaboration platform – start with some basic questions!

If you want to build your custom collaboration environment, you will need to take many different aspects into consideration. I want to share with...

Customize SharePoint List Forms using JSON


Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Integrating Azure Pipelines into Microsoft Teams

This blog is part of a series on Teams. For more articles, check back often. Written: 23/02/2020 | Updated: N/A A pipeline allows developers and DevOps...

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