Monday, June 21, 2021

Bluetooth headphone winnen? Gebruik dan onze kortingscode!

Wij mogen een Bluetooth koptelefoon verloten onder iedereen die onze kortingscode gebruikt heeft om zich te registreren voor de Office 365 & SharePoint Connect 2018...
Azure en Office 365

Azure / Office 365 – 2 wekelijks overzicht – deel 44

De ontwikkelingen rond Azure en Office 365 gaan snel. Er wordt veel over geschreven en er wordt veel gedeeld op social media. Het is haast niet meer bij te houden! Hieronder...

Azure Logic App Api call save a file to Blob Storage

Posted in Uncategorized I wanted to see how easy it would be to create a Logic App to call an API and return data from...

25% Korting Office 365 & SharePoint Connect Community Edition 2019

Dit jaar organiseren wij samen met NC Comms en Diwug de Office 365 & SharePoint Connect Community Edition 2019. Wij mogen weer een super...

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 running in Windows Virtual Desktop!

 I usually design and implement Windows Virtual Desktop environments for customers to provide them with Published Applications and Desktops from the Cloud, the serious...

Remote anything: Publish complex ‘full-path’ web applications with Azure AD Application Proxy

These days where households are rapidly turning into remote offices the need to make business applications available as if they were available from the...

Windows Virtual Desktop is now General Available

Awesome news today: Windows Virtual Desktop is now General Available! Introduction Last year at Ignite 2018, Microsoft announced Windows Virtual Desktop (shortened to WVD) as the...

Migrate/upgrade RDS Deployment to new Connection Broker, even on Azure, using my new Powershell...

I did an update on the module introducing some new features. You should read the update first before continuing here: ExportImportRdsDeployment module has...

Bi-weekly Azure Summary – Part 64

This bi-weekly update is a summary of trending Azure topics on social media, as well as other interesting content available on the internet. Below, you can see an overview of interesting blogs, articles, videos and more that are posted on social media and other channels: General Development / IT Pro -Sjoukje Related Posts
Azure Server

Two thoughts on Office 365 message encryption

What if you think you know a platform or functionality, but it turns out that you don't? Or: not all the details? That's what...

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