I have started a GitHub repository for a place to put the following so that the community can benefit from resources I have came across from the community.

  • Azure Exam Guides
  • Azure Useful Resources
  • Azure Policies
  • Azure DevOps Resources

I’m looking for others to contribute to this so that the community has a place to find helpful info.

If you have an Azure Exam Study guide let me know and I’ll add a link to it from the Exam folder to your blog or create a quick pull request.

If you have any useful Azure Resources which aren’t listed then please either let me know or create a quick pull request.

I’m gong to be adding to this over time throughout the year, I’m looking for contributors so we can grow this out to be something useful to a lot of people.

Link to the GitHub Repository:- https://github.com/gsuttie/AzureResources


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