Skilling has never been more important than it is right now. Technology is changing almost every day and the industry needs a skilled workforce to enable business to innovate and succeed. The good news is that in the last 10-15 years there have been developed learning and teaching platforms with thousand courses and million students like Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight and so on which made knowledge sharing much easier to be delivered.
But there is something that have always been here…books.

It is well known that every book we read, one way or another, it adds value to ourselves in many ways. It can be a literature book, or historical book or anything else, but the point is that the outcome remains the same: We always learn something from it no matter if we have read thousands of books or just a few.

I managed to become a certified Azure DevOps expert by following Microsoft’s Learning Path, which is great, but here I really got impressed by the fact that authors managed to cover topics that have not been covered in depth in Microsoft’s Learning path.

The Azure DevOps Explained book consists of 11 Chapters (411 pages) that are greatly connected to each other. I read the book and followed all labs in about 3 weeks and I must say that as soon as I started reading it I felt really comfortable with it. The labs are very detailed and with clarity so it makes it easy to follow.

In my opinion, is written with simplicity and I strongly believe that this book has two uses:

  • You can use this book even if you are not familiar at all with Azure DevOps (of course any knowledge would be helpful), but you can still follow along the book with all of it’s “exercises/samples” easily.
  • If you already work with DevOps processes, this book can be easily used as a reference as it can guide you through all the necessary steps to evaluate your current services or practices, adopting newer ones.

Why I got convinced buying this book:

The first thing I did was to have a look at the authors professional experience to get to know them better.
The second thing that I did was to get a chance to go through inside the book and undoubtedly Amazon helped me a lot with this! That way I managed to figure out if the book was written with simplicity and if the content is as understandable as it can be..which in this case indeed it was.
The third and final thing I did was to get an answer to the question: Ok, is this book written for me? What do I get if I buy this book? The moment I went through the contents of the book I got the answers I needed.

I am posting my experience because I strongly believe it was worth my time, money and effort! I am pretty sure that I made a great investment in knowledge and I am looking forward to reading more books from the authors.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, 

Sjoukje Zaal
Stefano Demiliani
Amit Malik

Click here to visit the book’s page in Amazon.

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