Last November, Microsoft announced a lot of new enhancements to the Microsoft Information Protection portfolio. In a short series of blogs I will explain some of these. In this blog: auto-labelling your documents in SharePoint Online and OneDrive at-rest. This is the second and final part the blog.

In my previous blog I described how you can configure the auto-classification scheme and create policies. It did take me some time to get them working. In the end, I did learn some aspects. And one is important – the classification uses the DLP engine of Office 365. Which means, amongst others, that it’s quick!

You can see the video at the end of this blog 🙂

In the end I created several policies. One of these I used to detect and classify credit card information. I only added the credit card sensitive information type. After 24 hours, the policy was finished with the simulation mode. And my documents were detected.


After turning on the policy, I checked the SharePoint site. And yes: the Word document was classified. Just to check, I added another Word document and a PowerPoint document. In just a couple of minutes, these were labelled as-well.

Again, it took some waiting to get this to work. But in the end all locations (SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange) worked for the auto-classification on labels. I’m happy 🙂 I also like to notification when hoovering over the document.


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