Monday, June 21, 2021

Vesa Nopanen

MVP for Office Apps & Services (Teams & Collaboration focus), Principal Consultant in Office 365 and Modern Work. Extremely passionate about Microsoft Teams's power to change how people work together. Helping and coaching customers to find benefits, solutions and value when adopting new tools, methods, ways or working and practices into daily work-life equation. I am always eager to challenge current situation and dig out new possibilities and ways to think and work. You could describe me as a jack of all trades but my main focus area and deep personal driver is Microsoft Teams since it has changed the way I work and did a giant step forward to make it possible to work from anywhere - the location does not matter even us much as it mattered before. Microsoft Teams opened the path for many organizations to rethink their practices, worklife, culture and start the change. That's why I am very passionate about Teams.






I have been very enthusiastic about HoloLens 2 -devices when I first saw them demonstrated during 2019. I have been staying up to about...
Chat Bubbles is a new feature to display chat messages in Teams meetings that just hit Public Preview (yes, you need to have Public...
It was a pleasant surprise to test our Teams meetings features recently: Laser Pointer & Inking features are available in PowerPoint Live! This means...
I had the opportunity to test out Poly’s Sync 20 -speakerphone for Teams for couple of months now. Previously I have taken a look...
I can see Create Task has appeared in Teams Public Preview! This new feature makes it really easy to turn conversation into tasks in...
It is time to take a brief look at Teams roadmap, since there has been plenty of changes recently. As always, when looking for...

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