Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Jussi Roine

I write about things that interest me – mostly about Microsoft, cloud technologies, productivity and being outside my comfort zone. I’m a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional, and I work with Microsoft technologies.






Every evening I read a book to my youngest son. He’s turning 2 later this year and loves books. Or perhaps it’s just his...
This week has been very productive for me. I’ve been running and thinking, and in the mornings I’ve written about my thoughts. Today is...
I’ve used and worked with Microsoft Azure for a decade now. Often I’m working in customer subscriptions, and don’t have to worry about the...
I wrote about closing down my Dropbox account last week. During the weekend I had some time to reflect back on that decision (for...
About three months ago, Microsoft announced a new command-line interface for Windows called Windows Terminal. Occasionally I am seeing it being called Microsoft Terminal...
I’m still partially on vacation mode, as school and other obligations won’t resume until next week. The fun part about the Finnish summer holidays...

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Week 1 of the Azure Advent Calendar has come and gone and we have seen some incredible content. Content covered includes: – An Azure Poem, Azure Governance,...

MIP and Office Online integration

Many of us have been looking forward to the integration of Microsoft Information Protection (i.e. the Sensitivity Labels) with Office Online. It’s been a challenge...

Org-wide teams and their purpose

If you start working with Microsoft Teams and you create your first teams, you will think about if you need a private team where...

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