Imagine yourself, use security keys to provide guest accounts access to resources in environments where use of smartphones is prohibited. This use case recently came across during an interesting conversation with a customer. In short, the answer is yes. Security keys can be used in such scenarios which are subject to strict security controls.

In this blog post I’ll explain what it takes to provide different types of guest accounts access using a security key in an Azure AD B2B scenario. This works for (External) Azure AD accounts but does it work for other accounts like Microsoft Accounts (MSA) or Google as well? More on that later…

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Ronny works as principal consultant for InSpark, the #1 Dutch Microsoft Partner specialized in Datacenter & Apps, Modern Workplace, Data/AI, Security & Managed Services. As principal consultant Ronny is member of the Technology Board, which is responsible for technology innovation, strategy & vision of InSpark. Ronny’s primary focus is on Microsoft 365 (Identity-, Modern Workplace-, Security & Threat protection. He‘s responsible for a great team of highly skilled consultant’s helping customers to accelerate by innovation. In his role as Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) he’s working closely with various Microsoft product groups to provide (customer) feedback, product improvements & most important, his contribution to the community by sharing knowledge & experience. His presence at various international (community) events like Tech Summit, Expertslive Europe, TechDays & various user group meetings are dedicated by meeting people & again sharing knowledge.

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