For next week, Tuesday, October 26 we are proud to announce that we have a special edition of our #WPNinjasNL Tuesdays Webinar. This time, Isidora Katanic (Blog/LinkedIn/Twitter) and Holly Lehman (LinkedIn/Twitter) will host their “Head in the cloud, heart in the community” session. After that we also have Nicole Enders (Blog/LinkedIn/Twitter) hosting a session about: “Your new life with Microsoft Viva

Session 1: Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community


After a summer break (in our session you will find out why!) Holly and Isidora are BACK with Head in the Cloud, Heart in the Community as of October 2021. We are excited to share our journey with you of how our video series started in 2020, how we kicked-off and how we manage everything around our show. What goes on behind the scenes, how do we do our branding, what tech do we use, what are our goals and how do we involve our tech community. That and more, we will talk about in our session at the Workplace Ninja User Group in the Netherlands. We might even throw in some Dutch words, so make sure you join the fun! 😉

Session 2:  Your new life with Microsoft Viva


Do you want to know what Microsoft Viva is all about? Would you like to see how the different modules can improve your daily life? We will walk through the different options and talk about the added value based on typical daily challenges. Learn how to improve your modern workplace with Microsoft Viva.

When, and how:

The webinar will start at 17:00 CEST (Amsterdam time zone), please click here to find out how late the webinar will start in your time zone. You can join the webinar by signing up at our Meetup page, where after registration you will find the link for the webinar.

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I started my career in 1995 as a System Engineer in the broadcast industry, building and maintaining video editing suites and television studio's and later specializing in Telecine equipment. In 1998 I switched to a first line support function within the Information Technlogy on the dealing room of a large bank, working my way up to a 3rd line support engineer. From this position i started to work on projects, which eventually resulted in projects where I worked across the border. In this period I implemented and designed several deployment solutions for mass rollout of workstations, laptops and servers. Since 2009 I switched to a consultancy function mainly focusing on but not limited to System Center design and implementation projects, besides that I became a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and currently teach System Center Related Classes (SCCM, SCOM and SCSM). In Januari 2010 I received the Microsoft MVP award with the expertise Setup & Deployment which was extended in 2011 and 2012. In 2013 and 2014 I was awarded the VMware vExpert award. In october 2014 I received the Microsoft MVP award with the expertise System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management (SCCDM).

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