Over the years I’ve enjoyed reading year in review blogs from some of my favorite bloggers like Sarah Haase. Since 2019 was such an eventful year for me that I decided to write a quick blog post to recap everything that happened.


  • Blog Posts Published: 22
  • Blog Views: 110,145
  • Blog Visitors: 70,145
  • YouTube Videos Published: 25
  • YouTube Subscribers: 1,067
  • YouTube Views: 40,500
  • Twitter Followers Gained: 2,326

Top 5 Videos and Posts of 2019

My Favorite Videos & Blogs

Podcasts & Webcasts

I had the opportunity to be a guest on several podcasts, webcasts and other YouTube Channels. Here are some highlights:

Conferences & User Groups

This year I had the opportunity to speak at several User Groups, SharePoint Saturday Events and conferences. The culmination of all of this was the opportunity to speak at the biggest conference of them all: Microsoft Ignite. For more about my Ignite experience you can read this post.

Here are some of the events I had the opportunity to speak at this year:


I couldn’t talk about 2019 without mentioning the Power Addicts. In 2019 we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! I had no idea when I was talking with the crew (Vivek, Anton, Keith, Geetha, Samit) a year ago about this crazy idea they had to build a community around the Power Platform that it would turn into what it is today. I remember vividly when we were trying to think of what to call it and I threw out the idea of “Power Addicts” and it was like a light bulb went off and the name stuck.

Flash forward to today and the #PowerAddicts has gone viral on Twitter and the PowerAddicts were highlighted in the Ignite keynote by Satya himself! I’m so happy to have been around for the amazing PowerAddicts journey and am looking forward to seeing what is to come. If you missed our 1 year anniversary hangout you can check it out here. I even put together a video montage for the occasion.

Looking Forward

It’s hard to believe we are entering a new decade. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for me in 2020. I’m excited to be starting out the year with a new role at Microsoft as a Partner Technical Architect.

I also have several speaking engagements already planned including:

Cheers to you and yours and may the new year be filled with prosperity, joy, and contentment

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